Del Mar After School Pilot Resources

First Lesson starts Wednesday, May 1, – 4th Grade

Here is our Life Lab Schedule:

  • Monday 3-5pm: 3rd grade
  • Tuesday 3-5pm: 2nd grade
  • Wednesday 3-5pm: 4th grade (May 8th this class will be going on a field trip to Pony Park)
  • Thursday 3-5pm: 5th grade

The Project Lessons

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

  • Pre test
  • Train students to take pictures & videos, and export
  1. Storyboarding
  2. Lighting
  3. Take pictures
  4. Take video
  5. Editing video
  • Train students Numbers, SonicPics

Lesson 3 and 4

  • Student teams work problem
  • Decide what they need to know for each essential question/element
  • Assign each question or element to a team member
  • Collect data
  • Capture scientific process in video – research, experiment, data collection, analysis, graphs

Lesson 5

  • Student teams work on presentation
  • Decide order of presentation
  • Decide who will edit video
  • Add voiceover if necessary
  • Review presentation with checklist
  • Practice run

Lesson 6

  • Presentations – each Team presents (3 x 5 min)
  • Teacher completes assessment
  • Post tests and surveys are given